Lukas is instrumental with his hands-on approach. As Entrepreneurs, it helps to have an outside view and accountability is an invaluable commodity for such keen oversight. We always knew that we’d be successful, but with Lukas we see the form and the steps that need to be taken to get us there. Like the Sages of old, he has been an invaluable guide and we look forward to building 1 of the largest companies on the African continent, with his continued guidance & support!

David-John Wayne Bailey
A Level 1 B-BBEE company
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Twitter: @ImmediaSA
Cape Town, South Africa

Lukas is a life long friend, but has also been a valuable partner in advise on running my small IT consultancy and services business. He has a pragmatic approach and diverse skills ranging from starting and running a business to properly handling accounting, taxes and your employees.
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